Carlos Ignacio Bellante was born in La Plata, Argentina in 1969 where he attended the High school of Technics n°10 (Escuela de Educación Técnica n°10).

Artist by vocation, at the beginning of the 1990’s he starts to explore the possibilities of working with alpaca and silver and devotes himself to the fabrication of jewellery. He develops as an artist by participating and presenting his work in numerous art colonies throughout Argentina and Brasil.

Carlos I. Bellante In 2000, love leads him to Zagreb, Croatia where he continues his creative path creating contemporary jewellery and sculptures. “Upcycled” jewellery becomes the dominant tendency in his artistic expression.

In 2010 he presents his work at a solo exhibition at the Likum Art Gallery in Zagreb and in 2011 he presents figurative relief sculptures at the exhibition named “Beyond utility” at the Vladimir Filakovac Gallery in Zagreb. His project work “Mediterranean Croatia through contemporary jewellery” was chosen for 2011 Croatian Ministry of Tourism programme “The original souvenir”.

His jewellery can be purchased at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. He lives and works in Zagreb under the motto “I create, therefore I exist.”