Metal memoirs and the wings of life

“(…) Visualising and designing jewellery, Carlos is unlaying the coordinates of life, enabling their spatial extension, wearingness, moving and promenade. It is not uncommon to reveal the sculptures themselves, among this applied experiments, which, more than a simple adornement or decoration, suggest the author’s statement and desire to outline different perspectives in motion with circular, sinuous lines, sound and twinkle…

The work of Carlos Ignacio Bellante potentiates geographical relocations ( the author himself came from native Argentina to once distant, now familiar, Zagreb ), the change of natural cycles and playfulness which means/emanates life. Using the accessible, available, but at the same time unusual and atypical materials such as watch parts, fork handles, the author emphasizes cycling changes and the circle of oneness.

Used partially or in their wholeness, deprived of their primal function and modified to be apparently unrecognizable, in contact with the heat of soldering and in communication with colourful and suptuous stones, they suggest antropomorphic forms and conceptual metaphores which are inevitably similar to the material world but they also emancipate from it by the slight, subtle author’s intervention and his savoir faire.

Archeologist of the quotidianity, worlds’ measurer, time traveller and a great gourmand of life, Carlos Ignacio Bellante poeticizes a sustainable usage of the material world around us.”

Ivana Meštrov, extract from the review “Knjige od metala i životna krila” (Metal memoirs and the wings of life) for the exhibition “Beyond the utility”, from 10th to 21st january 2011 at the Vladimir Filakovac Gallery in Zagreb.